Noah And The Last Days

People were going about their regular lives during Noah’s time, unaware of the impending disaster. Are we, like them, disobeying signs that God’s punishment is imminent? We can clearly see evidence of the last days in the Bible. Did you aware that the Bible predicts what will happen?

However, it’s highly unlikely for any knowledgeable individual to accept that Noah and his ark were real. Countless animal species couldn’t possibly fit in a single boat. And what proof, if any, is there of a global catastrophic flood? But what if everything did transpire precisely as the Bible describes? What does that entail? Why is the incredible story of Noah’s life so relevant to you in the twenty-first century, and who was he? Avoid being taken off guard. There can not be much time. Are you prepared?

Read And Study The Bible

read the Bible

To get to know God, you will need to know what His word says and obey it. Read the Bible daily and study the Bible as well. To read the Bible online, we suggest, Bible Gateway. To study the entire Bible verse by verse, we suggest VERSE BY VERSE BIBLE STUDY HERE.

Find A Church

find a church

If you live around Plymouth Michigan, we suggest Plymouth Church of the Nazarene. To find a Bible believing church near you, try Calvary Chapel church locator and if you can’t find one near you, Contact Us and we can help you.


Are You a Good Person?

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