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A war is currently being fought all around us, including in our society, our churches, and our homes. This is not a fight over issues of sexual revolution, racial equality, or marriage. Instead, it is a fight for the reality of the situation. Is there a real God? Does He talk, and if so, how can we recognize His voice? In spite of the fact that many churches continue to authentically declare the truths that can be found in the Bible, others have lost trust in the divine authorship of the Bible.

The God Who Speaks is a documentary film that runs for a total of ninety minutes and examines the proof of the authority of the Bible through interviews with some of the most well-respected biblical scholars in the world. This movie addresses the most common questions that people have regarding the dependability of the Bible and gives Christians the tools they need to boldly build their lives on the authority of God’s Word.

Read And Study The Bible

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To get to know God, you will need to know what His word says and obey it. Read the Bible daily and study the Bible as well. To read the Bible online, we suggest, Bible Gateway. To study the entire Bible verse by verse, we suggest VERSE BY VERSE BIBLE STUDY HERE.

Find A Church

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If you live around Plymouth Michigan, we suggest Plymouth Church of the Nazarene. To find a Bible believing church near you, try Calvary Chapel church locator and if you can’t find one near you, Contact Us and we can help you.


Are You a Good Person?

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